We are currently seeking a Project Architect with 5–10 years residential architectural experience. 
The ideal candidate will have a portfolio of work that shows design capability and problem-solving the client-driven design process. A familiarity with, and an appreciation for, the classical design vocabulary preferred, as well as project experience in Revit. Facility in working in AutoCAD a must.
Please send your résumé and portfolio to muriu@jbmarchitect.com

John B. Murray Architect, LLC
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Please contact John B. Murray with inquiries at jmurray@jbmarchitect.com


John B. Murray Architect is an award-winning 20-person firm of architects, designers and administrative professionals. Since its formation twenty-five years ago JBMA has been lauded by its clients, recognized by contemporaries, and featured in numerous publications, such as Architectural Digest, The New York Times, Elle Decor, Galerie, Veranda, Luxe, and Town and Country. The firm continues to grow by relying on enduring client relationships and long-held collaborations with landscape architects, designers, artisans and builders. Starting with analytiques and frequently providing 3-D views and models, clients receive personal attention that results in a residence that reflects its context and seamlessly integrates sophisticated details and unique hardscapes. A John B. Murray Architect residence represents a commitment to a timeless aesthetic — a simplicity of form and supreme craftsmanship.


  • John B. Murray
  • Born in Pasadena and raised in northwest Philadelphia, John graduated with honors from Carnegie Mellon University. Early in his New York apprenticeship, he discovered a love for residential architecture, which led to his joining Parish-Hadley Associates. During his tenure with Parish-Hadley, John began to refine his understanding and appreciation of the relationship between classical architecture and the ever-changing world of interior design. With the endorsement of Albert Hadley, John formed an architectural partnership, and, in 1997 founded his independent practice.

    John serves on the national board of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art and is a member of the American Institute of Architects. John B. Murray Architect projects have received numerous Palladio and Stanford White Awards for distinguished classical architecture. The firm has published two monographs, Contemporary Classical Architecture: John B. Murray (The Monacelli Press, 2018) Classical Invention: The Architecture of John B. Murray (The Monacelli Press, 2013)

    For John “the work of an architect is the ultimate puzzle. There are endless possibilities but truly only one best solution.” John loves to design and finds that working with clients to achieve solutions brings him the most professional satisfaction. He likes sitting down and thinking about what something should look like and thinks what sets his work apart is his doggedness to pursue perfection.

    Happiness for John is a busy day of work, feeling a sense of accomplishment, enjoying daily walks with wife Elizabeth and their Lab, Lila. The proud father of Gabe, Luke and Jesse, when John isn’t working, he is an avid cyclist and hiker with ambitions to climb all the highest peaks east of the Mississippi.

  • Tim Middleton
  • R. Timothy Middleton received his training from The University of North Carolina Charlotte School of Architecture. He honed his construction detailing and administration skills working on landmark New York City churches, historic institutional buildings, as well as private residences.  He is a member of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art and a member of the American Institute of Architects.

    Tim has been with JBMA for 18 years and in 2014 became an Associate. His work includes complex apartment and townhouse projects in New York City, extensive renovations, and additions to residences in rural New York, Greenwich, Connecticut, Sea Island, Georgia and Aspen, Colorado. A gifted mentor and team leader Tim brings a technical know-how to all facets of design and a can-do attitude to any challenge. “Positive people” inspire Tim and Tim inspires all at JBMA to always provide upbeat client experiences.

  • Adam Platt
  • Adam received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arizona School of Architecture. Since 2004 he has been with JBMA and in 2014 was named an Associate. Adam’s involvement in his projects encompasses all aspects, from initial concept to design development, construction documentation and site supervision. His projects have ranged from the renovation of an historic miner’s cottage in Aspen, to the development of a new limestone Beaux-Arts residence in Texas, to numerous contemporary interior renovations of pre-war apartments in New York City.  Adam is inspired “when the melding of creativity and craft in a built environment transcends the imagination.” His idea of perfect happiness? “When the completion of one of our projects yields a client who feels true joy by what we created.” Keep an eye out for him scooting around the streets of Manhattan on his chariot — an E-bike.

  • John Pelligra
  • John received his Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute.  He has been with JBMA over 17 years and in 2018 was named an Associate. For John the design process involves repeatedly asking “what if?” and “why not?” until a uniquely tailored solution presents itself.

    John’s specialty is directing highly detailed large-scale apartment renovations as well as the design development and oversight of country house construction. A favorite journey for John is a scenic train ride to a place he has not yet been. He is inspired by “the infinite form and variety” found in nature, “all perfectly suited to one another.” When not immersed in his latest project, John enjoys hiking and birding – ideally at the same time.

  • Christine Song
  • With a background in furniture design from Parsons School of Design, Christine “loves the detail and intricacy of our work at JBMA.” In 2005 Christine joined JBMA and in 2019 became an Associate. A member of the American Institute of Architects and the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, her commitment to solving complex design issues in the most aesthetically-pleasing-yet-efficient manner keeps her poised to make every project better than the last. Her ability to visualize design features in both large and small scale makes Christine a valued leader of elaborate projects, as well as highly customized interiors and JBMA marketing initiatives.

    In 2020 Christine welcomed her son Hugo into the world. When not at her desk Christine loves “re-learning the beauties of life — through the ever-expanding perspective of a growing boy.”


  • Erin de Losier
  • Erin graduated with a degree in Architectural Studies from Brown University. In 2008 she came to JBMA with a passion for the design of historic and modern single-family residences in both San Francisco and New York. Erin excels in providing innovative solutions that draw from classical and contemporary design. She is skilled at designing bespoke interiors that elegantly interweave stunning materials. Involved in all aspects of project development, in collaboration with interior design teams, Erin inventively designs city and country residences that bring clients’ visions to life. In 2019 Erin was named an Associate. She is a member of the American Institute of Architects and the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art.

    Erin is inspired by sanctuaries, “spaces that give one a sense of arrival and of grounding.” She particularly admires the work of Beaux-Arts architect Julia Morgan, who paved the way for future women architects.

  • Elizabeth Brooke Murray
  • Managing Director of JBMA since 2015 Elizabeth is an honors graduate of Wellesley College. Elizabeth, with John, wrote JBMA’s Contemporary Classical Architecture: John B. Murray. She refines all firm communications, marketing, and business strategies.  A certified Life and Leadership Coach Elizabeth is the force behind staff recognition and professional growth. A former editor of Fine Homes Magazine, Features Editor of Town & Country and contributing reporter to The New York Times and The International Herald Tribune, she is the author of The Japanese Spa and Ryokan: Japan’s Finest Spas and Inns.  Elizabeth has lived in England, Brazil and Japan and is the proud mother of James, Will and Alex. Her idea of a great day is a morning of yoga, an afternoon hiking with John, together exploring the world or the details of their next project. 

  • Moses Uriu
  • As Business Manager Moses works with John and Elizabeth on long term planning as well as day to day operations.  He earned his BS from Rutgers University and has been with JBMA since 2013. Moses “loves being able to support the infectious creativity and passion of the architectural team.”  On weekends Moses enjoys walking the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan, exploring with his two children, and cooking with his wife Brandy. His favorite journey thus far was hiking the W Trek in Patagonia.

  • Suzanne Walker
  • Ever-smiling Suzy is central command of JBMA. She is the Keeper of the Calendar and serene Zoom orchestrator. Suzy, who is originally from Jamaica, has worked with John for 20 years and counting! And, says this is a testament to the positive and encouraging work environment at JBMA.

    Suzy’s motto speaks to her dexterity in handling the whims of a day with such grace. “If we think and expect good things, we attract good things.”

  • Matthew Wanner
  • Originally from Cleveland Matt graduated from Lehigh University and has been with JBMA for over 15 years. The grandson of a cabinet maker and the eldest of six Matt’s passion for building was initially sparked by a childhood participating in family home expansions. A Senior Architect Matt finds daily inspiration in the firm’s classical work which provides residences with a “distinctly humanistic character.”  Matt and his wife live in the Hudson Valley with their four children and two dogs.

  • Andrea Wang
  • Andrea earned her BA and Master’s in architecture from Princeton University. A Senior Architect, she has been with JBMA since 2008 and considers the architectural design process a “dynamic navigation between an idealized design and the real world.”  Growing up just outside Boston, the city’s architecture and culture have been a defining influence on Andrea. She particularly loves buildings made by artisans and craftspeople, such as the intimate houses and shops of Amsterdam and Paris. 

  • Tim Deal
  • Tim earned his MA from London’s Architectural Association School of Architecture. His career has focused on high-end residential design, and he has been a Senior Architect at JBMA since 2019. For Tim design always involves a dive into precedent, assessing what worked, what did not, and, most of all, searching for beauty.  A native of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley Tim’s family ties to the region have particularly influenced his appreciation for early American architecture.  Tim calls himself a “self-confessed addict of English country houses” and often indulges his passion on trips to the United Kingdom.  A competition Bridge player, when he isn’t in the throes of a game or tournament, Tim enjoys tending his garden, playing the piano, and spending time with family. 

  • Maddison Karwecki
  •  Maddison earned her Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Notre Dame and started practicing residential architecture in Wisconsin. In 2020 she returned to her native East Coast and has been with JBMA ever since.  Maddison grew up around historic buildings such as Asbury Park’s Convention Hall and Sandy Hook’s Fort Hancock and fell in love with historic preservation. She is especially keen on saving buildings with intricate details and craftsmanship.  Her favorite journey thus far was travelling through Europe, wandering the canals and shops of Amsterdam. 

  • Blake Hecksher
  • Blake earned his Bachelor of Architecture from Oklahoma State University. He is JBMA’s Presentation Draftsperson.  Interested in space and design for as long as he can remember, Blake recently found his diary from the Second Grade with his plans for a two-story café, complete with its own concert stage!  He describes the design process as “giving spirit to form and space.” His favorite journey to date was biking and camping through the woods of northern Japan. 

  • Julia Bertram
  • Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Julia is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and has worked on city as well as country projects. She was drawn to architecture because it requires an understanding of math, science, art, history, and people. She finds it exciting that the practice of architecture means forever expanding her knowledge in a range of fields.  Whether it is drawing, knitting, or baking, Julia enjoys doing anything that involves making something. Her favorite thing to make? Bread, using her family’s 45-year-old sourdough starter.

  • Liam Walsh
  • Liam is from the Brandywine Valley. He grew up with a love of the countryside and an aesthetic appreciation for the beautiful old farmhouses and historic estates and gardens of the area. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and JBMA’s newest Project Manager.  Liam cannot recall a time he was not drawing houses. At his first-grade career fair he was already a budding architect! For him an essential element of the design process is studying historic precedent. An inherent classicist he believes that beyond the physical space, the quality of light, color or material can inform design.  Happiness for Liam is being outside on a vibrant, crisp autumn day.

  • Lila
  • Renowned for her sashaying tail wag and no-holds-barred friendliness Labrador Retriever Lila is JBMA’s office greeter. She is certified to serve as a New York Animal Therapy Team member and volunteers at schools and corporations as an amusing and calming influence. Lila’s idea of a good time is frolicking through grassy or snowy meadows and chasing squirrels, geese, turkeys…you name it, she chases it!